Meal Time in Our House

People always criticize me for only eating one meal a day. I wish it could say because I was devoted to fasting, losing weight, recycling or some other great feat. The truth of it is, no one in my house can decide what to eat! Here’s how the conversation goes:

me: “i’m hungry.”

a parent: “what do you want?”

me: “i don’t know, what do you want?”

a parent: “tell me when you figure it out.”

me: “ARBY’S?”

parent: “i can’t eat that.”

parent: “Burger King?”

me: “that makes me throw up.”

parent: “well, then i don’t know!”

then I end up walking off and it takes officially 2.5 hours before we compromise and go somewhere that no one really wanted in the first place. I hate meal time around here. It’s totally not all their fault, it is partially mine, because in our small town there is nothing to eat so, I never know what to tell them.

My point is this, my prayer is that some day I will marry a man who can snap his fingers and say “we should eat this” and that I will agree and it will be settled.

i know that there is about a .000231 chance that will happen, but I can dream.


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