Random Facts

– Other than Jesus, chocolate holds me together.

– I have an irrational fear of automatic doors.

– I have rational fears of birds and snakes

– My own Grandmother accidentally ran over my foot with her car.

– My sister and I once mistook our other Grandmother’s hair for a plastic shopping bag, this didn’t go over well..

-I leave a piece of my heart everywhere I go.

– People tell me that I always have a story to tell.

-I make decisions based on whether or not it will make for a good story.

– Volleyball is probably my least favorite thing, ever.

-Cold pepperoni pizza is my favorite food on earth.

-I pop my thumb and index knuckles when I am nervous or thinking really intensely about something.

– I once had a kid tell me I look like the best friend on Hannah Montana. I think she was visually impaired.

– I never got over Colin dying on Everwood. I cried for weeks. I still do sometimes.

– I am the person who enjoys April Fools day a little too much.  On behalf of all of us fools who have told cruel jokes, I apologize.

–  Going to Ireland, England and Italy are huge dreams that I have.

-I want to go to the Santa Monica Pier! It will happen!

– October Sky has been my favorite movie since childhood.

–  I once had a traumatic experience with white rice….I can’t eat it anymore.

–  I like random books of the Bible. Lamentations and Isaiah are favorites.

One thought on “Random Facts”

  1. This list made me incredibly happy. From time to time I’ll write blog posts that are just lists of random truths about me and my life (Confessions is usually in the title), and I have found them to be some of the most liberating and entertaining posts to write. They simply make me happy. Thank you for sharing yours.

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