An Opposite Life.

I’m sitting here in Jerusalem, hours away from going camping and wondering what’s become of my life. Pretty much everything I’ve done since I stepped of that plane has been about the opposite of everything I’ve ever done. The weirdest part, I haven’t been terrified, which is also opposite for me.

I’m thankful for what I’m learning here. I am grateful for the people I’ve met and let me just say, they have been people all across the board. This place is full of the most interesting and most diverse people.

Mat Kearney’s new album “Young Love”, as I suspected, has been my soundtrack for this journey and it has been unbelievable some of the revelation that’s come from it. It’s nursing my heart during this difficult time to where I am transitioning into my last week. Monday will be last day at the organization I’ve been volunteering with. It’s going to be so sad to go, it’s going to break my heart. I have grown to love those people and that place so much.

There have been some great memories from this exciting time in my life. I feel like I can’t even remember most of it, it’s just gone by so quick! I am so in awe of all that’s happened.

Know that I love you all and miss you! Can’t wait to start writing out stories when I get home! Stay tuned!


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