Stalking, Salads and Bad Suits.

It’s official. I never believed people who said the best place to find blog material was at the local coffee shop. Even though it’s been proven true in my own life, I had my doubts.

Here I am, sitting in Panera drinking my coffee and from a far (very far) distance I see this man walk in. My first thought is: “Oh my gosh, it’s Jude Law!” I nearly came out of my booth. Even if it wasn’t Jude Law, it was someone who looked just like him and in my opinion, that’s worth getting excited about. Unfortunately, as the man in his knock off suit moved closer, I soon realized he was not Jude Law. He was much shorter and actually didn’t bear any resemblance at all. I was highly disappointed. My conclusion was confirmed when I saw that he ordered a salad and an apple. Let’s be honest. Jude Law is not a salad and apple kind of man.

Despite my disappointment, if I was going to be a husband hunter, I think I would choose Panera. I always see the most fascinating men here. Then again, I always see the most interesting women as well. I think they’ve picked up on my logic. For whatever reason, Panera draws business men, men who appear extremely wealthy and as if they have their lives together. Then again, that makes sense, because who on earth (besides someone with enough money) would pay like $9 for a salad? No one, that’s who.

Jude Flaw is now staring at me while chatting on his cell. I’m thinking it’s because I stared at him with my mouth hanging to the floor for the first five minutes he was here. Oops. He looks completely engaged in this phone conversation and is completely ignoring his lunch partner. ALSO not something that Jude Law would do. Trust me, I just know.

Considering that Jordan and I have been on a job hunt, I’m thinking I should come here more often. Maybe I could befriend some of these people and get a decent job. It’s a long shot, but hey, maybe my destiny could be confirmed over a grossly overpriced salad and a bitter cup of coffee. I’m willing to try.

I also enjoy the people who come to Panera alone (much like myself). It’s one of the only places you can come and not feel like a complete reject. Then again, I am not the person who will go in a restaurant alone unless I have my laptop, a book or a notebook. It’s not because I fear looking like an idiot, as much as it is the fact that I have no doubt if I was sitting here without any means of looking busy then inevitably some person would come sit next to me and try to talk to me. I’m that person. I’m the introvert who hides in the corner booth and people watches. I am also not the person you want to sit next to on the plane. You will not enjoy the flight because 90% of the flight will be spent with my earphones in and me pretending to be asleep. What can I say? I am not one for random stranger conversation. Perhaps I’d have a job if I changed.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they act at Panera. Business men who order salads and bark into their phones? I’m not sure what that says. Then again, I have feeling what might be said about a girl who orders only coffee and stares at people from the back of the restaurant.. might be far worse.

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