The Big Day

Let’s be honest. It’s 3:30 in the morning, why can’t I sleep? Probably because I have about 500 million more pictures to go through. Mary Beth & Daniel’s wedding was amazing and I took enough photos to capture pretty much every second. So in the process of narrowing and choosing what I think are the best, I find that I make a lot of pictures black & white. I think I do this because not only is it a classic look, I think it gives a lot more character to the subject. You’re not so much focused on the surroundings or other distractions, but rather you’re face to face with the subject and it’s simple beauty. One of the special things about this couple that I’ve seen in walking through engagement, bridals & their wedding is that they have simple, classic, tasteful elegance. While they may have more fun than anyone I’ve ever met, there is a sweet peace that seems to captivate me every time I am with them. It was such an honor to walk through this entire process with them. They are an incredible couple & I wish them all the best! With that being said, here are a few pictures from the wedding. Hope you all enjoy.


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