The Weary Traveler & The Wild Explorer

You may not know this yet, but you have a story to tell.

You are a wild explorer with a joy inside of you that can break the boxes of people who have lost their ability to breathe in the moments of their life with the kind of passion that strengthens weary bones. You can change the world with your laugh, with the joy that bleeds from the pages of your life. You are a gift to the earth.You weren’t put here to keep that kind of oxygen to yourself. Breathe that into everyone you meet.Let the joy that pours from you be on display for the world.

You were created to paint the world with your joy, you were made to write the name of the giver of joy on every living canvas you encounter.

ImageSome of you are the weary traveler, but Hope is still your traveling companion. Though your days seem to run together. Though the sights, the faces, the city skylines seem to be tangled in your mind and you can’t remember what hope feels like anymore, it is not far from you. Hope so beautiful is going to find you and you will be so drenched in it, that you will be willing to tell your story, maybe even for the first time. And again, I promise you, the world needs your story.

They need to hear about all the times you gave up and walked out, when you really wanted to stay. They need to hear your stories of unraveling, your tales of brokenness. Strangers will incline their ear to hear about the little boy who bleeds, who asks questions, who isn’t sure why the God of his childhood sometimes seems so far away.

And you are not alone. There are six billion more of you. We are all The Weary Travelers who gasp for breath and whose eyes are burning; we are tired, we are broken, we are messy, our lives are dismembered in a thousand ways . Yet we are those who keep searching because there’s a hole inside of us designed where hope is meant to make its home.

You were made to inhale hope and breathe joy. For one cannot travel with one and not the other. For that which brings you hope will inevitably become your joy and your joy will spring from that which had nestled in you long before.

You’re in good company too; because the one who travels with you is both your hope and your joy. So whether you pack your bags or you settle into the fabric of a worn out sofa in a place of familiarity, recognize the one you sit beside. He has promised you this joy, assured you of that in which you hope. He sees and knows well where you are; for He himself has been both The Weary Traveler and The Wild Explorer as well.

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