If You Were Here…

Isn’t love supposed to change people? Hasn’t it been said that it is supposed to change the one loving and the one being loved?Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem like that happens.

worthit_edited-1But I know the truth about love. I know that it is persevering. It stays, it fights, it cries, it reaches, it matters. Because no matter how many times it is pushed away, it has a reason to keep trying. It is because it knows that a life of easily obtained love will never be enough.

We need the kind of love that chooses to take all the tests. The kind of love that takes off its coat and settles in for the long haul. We need that undying devotion that knew it had to leave its indifference at the door. You and I, we need the kind of heart that puts its armor in the closet and says, “I just want to sit here with you until we learn how to love one another. I just want to sip our tea and take in this moment together. And you know what? I’m not moving until you know just exactly why I came, why I stayed, why I won’t ever really leave.”

You may not think that kind of love exists. More than that, you may not think that you deserve it. The thing is though, you were made for that kind of love. You were made to know the words “you are worth it” and you were created to feel the weight of affection that those four words carry.

I wish you would use those four words. I wish that the next time you sat down with someone you love you would move your walls for just a moment and let them get a peek at the piece of your heart where their name is written. But really, I wish that you would rip open your chest and show them all the ways they’ve changed you, all the ways they’ve made you better.

I wish I could do that for you. I wish that you could do that for me.

Because at the end of the day, all you really need to hear is that you’re loved. First by the one who is love; then by the ones He created to carry it. You were made to love & be loved and if you’re not starting and ending your days with that; then everything you’re doing in between is pointless.

You, my dear friend, faithful reader of my blog; you may be reading this through a screen, but I wish you were here. Because if you were in front of me, we’d have some coffee (or tea, if you’d prefer) and I’d tell you all the reasons why you matter. I would tell you all the ways you’re changing the world. And I’m sorry if I haven’t done that before. But you can hold me to that, dear friend, whenever you need a day where you are someones hero, you can call me. Because you’re worth it and I’m not going to waste any more time telling you anything else.

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