It Really Is Okay To Walk Away

Your bones were made to bear the weight of the hearts you hold.

Though they seem to be crushing you and you feel absolutely broken. Though sometimes you feel as though you’ve always been unworthy to hold them–you were made to hold the big things, things like hearts, hands & history.

I know you keep looking back at those closed doors. You keep asking if there’s more you could have done.

You’ve been so weighed down by the words they said, the words you didn’t say, and by the words you so desperately needed to hear.

Life is funny that way, the most pain usually comes from the words that were never said.

And I’m sorry to say it, but you might never hear them.

If I am being honest, they’re probably never going to knock on your door in Nicholas Sparks fashion and say all those delicately strung together apologies and promises.

I need you to be okay with that.

Because it’s time that you realize deeply in your core, that sometimes, it really is okay to walk away.

It doesn’t make you weak. It does not mean you don’t love them with all of your heart & all the way down to your toes.

It simply means that you gave that person their freedom.

It means that you realize you can’t hold on to someone who refuses to be held.

It also means that you decided you don’t have to live by that list of rules. That you get to cut all those little strings that were attached to you.

And you know what else? All the things that they did to completely rip your heart out, all those little phrases they taunted you with to make you feel inferior? Well, all of that says more about them than it does about you.

People can make their assumptions, they can have their beliefs about you & the path you’re on.

These are hard times for dreamers.

You know? The ones who draw outside the lines. The world changers. The people who refuse anything less than a life that brands itself on this earth.

As for you? You’re going to be a legend.

And it’s NOT because you’re better than them and not because they couldn’t be. But because you learned a long time ago that you CAN walk away. Because you realized that your happiness, your future, your dreams, your laughter doesn’t depend on another human being.

You’re going to make the history books because you’re not too busy clenching all the small things, all the little worries & arguments. You put down your fists down a long time ago. 

So throw off the weights. Untangle the strings.

I know they told you that you weren’t enough.

I know someone came in and tried to poison those dreams in your heart. Using their words and glances to make you feel like all of your worst fears about yourself are actually true.

They found all the right buttons to push. They made you believe in the worst version of yourself.

But they were dead wrong. 

I know how you found your knees on the kitchen floor and your face buried in your hands. All those prayers you prayed, those sobs that were drowned out by the sound of your music screaming from your speakers. I know all the drives on back roads, silence seeming to be your only companion.

But life is more than what people do to you, more than what they take from you, more than the words they use to tie you up and box you in.

It’s a chance for you to take all of that, all of those little things that have tried to gut you, and use them for greatness. It’s a chance for you to take the words I love you and wear them out on people who will never say them back. Because you can bear that kind of weight. You can love and love and love until you’re ruined and wrecked. 

Because the brave ones were born to love until they’re empty. Because the idea of never loving in the first place is far worse than being crushed. They know the ache of heartbreak is much better than the agony of solitude.

So, get up. Dust yourself off. Pour yourself a cup of coffee (with peppermint mocha creamer). Take a shower. Breathe. Open the windows.

Decide to love them anyway.

But walk on. 

4 thoughts on “It Really Is Okay To Walk Away”

  1. Wow. This is so beautiful, so true! Thank you so much for writing. Keep writing. You have a gift to declare truth and freedom. ♥

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