Unplugging and Reinventing

I’ve forgotten how to be enchanted.

We live in a world where text messages are considered pursuit, apps can act as a crystal ball for choosing your future spouse, phone calls are for old people and face to face dinners where phones stay tucked in our pockets are almost extinct.

I used to spend weekends watching movie after movie. My sister and I would curl up with cups of tea, bags of snacks and sit under piles of blankets. I never once watched a movie where people stared at their phones during dinner or sat in rooms silently scrolling through Facebook for three hours. If I had watched a movie where people paused at every meal, street corner, or flower to take a picture and Instagram it, I would have never made it to the ending.

I’ve been consumed by the wrong kind of light. The glow of my computer and phone have dulled my eyes to what’s truly beautiful.

I miss being inspired by grand gestures. I miss believing that people care enough to run through airports, that we live in a world where it’s possible for people show up on your porch. I miss being the person who is willing to go to great lengths to let people know they really matter. I miss believing that other people are willing to do that for me.

I want to live in a world where girls know they’re beautiful because someone looks them right in the face and says it, not because they got 174 likes on their selfie.

I want to live in a moment and not feel the need to have 844 people approve it or admire it. I want to live in a world where it’s still fun to have sweet secrets. I want to dance alone in my room like a fool if flowers are delivered to my door. I want to treasure and cherish surprises and not spoil the intimacy and thrill of a gesture that whispers, “I thought of you today.

We forget to live. It’s really that simple. We forget to spend our last moments before we fall asleep thinking about the way someone made us laugh that day. Our phones are the first thing we grab in the morning, so we forget to take a second to even be thankful that we’ve got another day, another chance to show up.

The things we love in movies are the things we wish we could do, but have completely closed ourselves off to. We love the extravagant speeches, when the plain-jane girl finally gets asked to dance, and when the guy stands outside with a boombox over his head. You actually have to show up to do those things. You’ve got to get in your car and go to them for that to happen.

You know, I’d weep buckets of tears if we started swooning in movie theaters as we watched George Clooney send a text that said, “What are you up to?”

All of this to say: I’m unplugging for a little while. 

Because I want to enjoy a sunset without grabbing my phone. I want to be forced to do something more than run my fingers over a keyboard to tell someone I really miss you.

I can’t expect this from others, without requiring it of myself. It starts with me. I have to learn how to look away from my phone, Facebook and anything else that gives me a false sense of relationship. I want people to know what’s happening in my life because we sat down and had lunch. I want to be forced to remember my closest friends’ birthdays without having to be told by a screen. I want to stand in front of someone and say “Hey! You’re pretty awesome” with a hug and a bag of their favorite chocolate.

So, I’m unplugging from social media for the next little bit. I don’t have a set time, I guess it will be however long it takes for me to feel excitement rebuilding in my bones; however long it takes for me to have made a dent in reinventing the way I see the world.

But not to worry, things will be written and the blog will go on! I’m excited to see how it will refuel my passion for life and help me create new content. I’ve got a feeling that good things are on the way.

8 thoughts on “Unplugging and Reinventing”

  1. Yes! YES! You literally express in your blogs, words that my heart cant make out.

    I agree with this post, and you bring such inspiration through your writing.

    Have a wonderful time un-plugging and enjoy what God has in store for you 🙂


  2. I have such beautifully mixed feelings on this, because while I feel the same way, I also know that social media has built more relationships than I can count, allowed me to change a teeny little corner of the world in small ways, and allowed me to feel a little more connected to a lot of people when the logistical nightmares of a dumb schedule and living at least an hour away from most of the people in my life have threatened me with loneliness. But it takes careful tending to not let it get crazy out of hand – for example, I’ll use social media to set up a coffee date, or continue a conversation I had with someone in real life. But if it dwindles to JUST social media… well, that’s when things start to get stale and sad.

    What I DO know is that I recently had a similar realization, and took a social media break over a weekend, and it was the best decision. So, go forth, and rediscover and reinvent! Get inspired and be joyful 🙂 And know that I will always be pretty psyched that we “met” and became friends thanks to social media 😉

    1. Totally agree! First of all, I’m super thankful for technology or else we would not be friends :). I think for me, it has become all consuming and I’ve lost touch with what it means to enjoy the simple things and living in the moment.

      I really am grateful for social media and the ability we have to keep in contact with people who live so far away. We get to see pictures of their kids, we get to read about how they’re doing, it’s amazing! I guess I just don’t want reading updates on a computer to REPLACE the relationships that God has put IN PERSON, right in front of me.

      Love you friend!! I’m excited to see what God does through this!

  3. Ashlin, you’re amazing! You have a God given gift to write and share. It’s so encouraging to me and I love reading your blog. Inspired ♡♡

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