I Hope You Know He’s Got Us

This morning, I tried to find direction.

I went searching through the Bible, tried to write down some plans. But the pages stayed blank and I just ended up just sitting there, watching the sun hang between the towers outside the window.

I didn’t figure anything out. I knew that God has places He intends me to go, but I couldn’t figure out what that looked like, or where to even begin to find a map.

They say seeing someone you know walking around New York City is pretty rare.

After a directionless morning, I went exploring, unsure of where I wanted to go or what I really even wanted to see. I just planned to wander and hoped I would stumble upon something worth my time.

So, it was pretty unexpected to run in to one of the friends I’m staying with. It took me off guard entirely and yet, I knew it wasn’t coincidence. There was something I was supposed to see.

He asked if I’d been to the seaport yet and pointed me in that direction. There I was, wandering aimlessly on the streets of New York City and out of nowhere came the guidance I never expected to hear.

This morning, I had the strangest feeling of wanting to give up on this city.

It’s so big, so busy, and so restless. It seems like everyone has it all figured out. It’s like they know where they’re going and how to get there. The way I’ve been feeling in this city is the way I’ve been feeling in my life. I’m just out here making everyone believe that I know the plan like the back of my hand. I’m not lost. I know where I’ll end up. I’m good at that; I’m good at seeming certain.

I heard God laugh when I reached the seaport.

“I can always find you. I will always get you where you need to go.” 

In a city with more than 8 million people, God put me on the street He wanted, at precisely the right time. After two days, I know a total of about 12 people that live here, and so the chances that I’d see my friend right there and that exact moment isn’t just coincidence.

God dropped me in the biggest city I’ve ever been to and made me realize how incredibly small it is in the palm of His hand.

We walk through life thinking we’re going to miss it.

The elusive it: the calling, the dream, the person, the place that we were meant to find. We think that if we make a wrong turn, leave too late, move too quickly that we’re just going to be lost among the skyscrapers; we act as if we’re just a little speck in God’s eye view.

I hope you know He’s got us.

We won’t miss it and it won’t be our big plans that get us there. It will be our trust that pushes us to move. And once we get out there, God will always show up and point us where we need to go.

But even if you can’t get out there, even if you’re feeling stuck inside the walls you’re sitting between,

He will still get you there.

Today, the seaport convinced me that God always finds a way.

These streets are so full that I could easily sit down and believe that there is too much standing in His way.

But despite eight million people, the lights at crosswalks, the minutes I could have wasted, or the fifteen directions I could have taken, He made His point loud and clear.

I’m never too small for Him to know exactly where I am, and never too lost for Him to get me exactly where I’m supposed to be.

3 thoughts on “I Hope You Know He’s Got Us”

  1. Thank you for writing this! The words your wrote spoke loudly to my own heart. I have been so reminded this week that God loves us so much. We don’t deserve to be loved by El Roi, the God who Sees. We don’t deserve to be known by Him, or to be given His VERY personal affection and guidance. Yet here He is, sitting with us in between the walls we feel we’re stuck in. He holds us in His hands, collects our tears… when we should be just another number lost in a world of more important things and more important people. Here He is LOOKING at ME, His eyes full of love. We don’t deserve that. We don’t deserve to be seen… to be known… yet He is good. And mysterious. And full of grace. What a God we serve. Thank you for such a sweet reminder.

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