As all of America responded, there was only one word I could say.

I fell asleep before the final results came in.

But I already knew which candidate was going to be the next President of the United States.

I woke up this morning and let it sink in. I scrolled through my social media and didn’t move for a long time. I finally crawled out of bed and slowly went to sit on my couch. I sat for a long time in silence.

Finally, one word came from my mouth as I began to weep.


This morning as America responded, that was the only word I could say.

I knew from the beginning I would be disappointed with either candidate having a victory. I have already spent months grieving both a President Trump or a President Clinton.

So, I did not cry this morning because of the results.

I cried this morning because many of my Christian friends called this election a victory for the church. I cried for the endless posts that said “God heard His people’s prayers”.

I cried because what they told the world was that God didn’t hear or honor the prayers of those who did not vote for Trump and that they are not His people.

Whether they meant that or not, this morning, that was what many heard.

I wept for the women in my life who are in an identity crisis. For the women who think Clinton was a role model. I wept for the women who believe their suspicions were confirmed: that they have to fight dirty in order to succeed and that even then, they will lose.

I wept for those who woke up with a smirk on their face and prideful words on their tongue because their candidate won. I wept because many of them believe God has put his stamp of approval on this man’s anger and immorality.

I wept because though I understand a sigh of relief from those who were afraid for a Hillary presidency, I cringe at their exaltation of a Trump one. I wept because many of my friends said it “bothered them to vote for him and they were doing it hesitantly, but he seemed a better option.” I wept because when they rubbed it in people’s noses this morning, it did not seem that it was hard or that it bothered them at all.

I wept because “How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great.” (Bill Bennot)

I wept for the way that many of my Christian friends chose to walk with the broken this morning.

I wept because as a person who voted third party, I was condemned, criticized, mocked, rebuked, scorned, and belittled. I wept because I cannot even fathom what people on the other side have endured and will endure. I wept because many of these are people who claim to operate under a law of love and a Gospel of peace.

My heart broke at those who sincerely asked Christians, “How do you explain this to your minority, Muslim, LGTBQ, and disabled friends?”  I wept because I know that many of the Christians I know do not have those kinds of friends.

Later, as I ran to get coffee, I found myself weeping again in the car. But this time, I wept because the barista told me that he liked my shirt that says PRAY. I wept because we are different genders, different races, and together we looked at one another in the eye and agreed that more than anything in these times, we need to PRAY.

I wept because God pulled me close and told me that He heard and hears my prayers. I am not a Trump voter, but I am His people and He heard and hears my prayers, too. 

I wept because though I am broken, I am thankful my hope was never in either of these candidates. I wept because I am thankful that I stood my ground. I wept as I told God that even though I was mocked, condemned, rebuked, I want to learn how to show others what it means to be a disciple who does not sacrifice their influence among Christians and non-Christians for an earthly government.

Today, I continue to weep because many voted for Trump believing he will help maintain their religious freedom. I weep because my prayer is that this freedom and their Christian influence does not become tainted by a pride, condemnation, or judgment of others.

Today, I weep as I pray that we have not pushed and will not cause those around us to say, “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Today, I weep, but with hope that God is faithful. His grace is sufficient. I weep, asking for faith to believe that His true church will wake up and will be known for their love.

I weep today and I cry out “Father”. May He be merciful and forgive us in these times when we know and do not know what we do.

7 thoughts on “As all of America responded, there was only one word I could say.”

  1. I understand your heart and your weeping but at the end of each day decisions have to be made Godly or ungodly. I weep BECAUSE WE CHRISTIANS have failed to be the CHURCH and rise up and take a stance for removing GOD and HIS principles out of this land of the free that was its foundation. GOD sees at all and HE is waiting for HIS people who’s hearts burn for Him to continue to love and disciple ones that do not know Him. Anyone can be groomed and led deeper in relationship with Him. It’s what we that have chosen the narrow path do. So let your weeping turn into dancing and persevere dear daughter of the Most High King. Forget about what lies ahead and run your race for Him and His purpose He has called for you to be. Pray without ceasing and let who He allowed to win be groomed by a 45 member faith based committee disciple. One perfect person died on a Cross for all the sins of mankind….lets continue the path to lead those needing Him to Him.

  2. Yes men and women can be crude, rude and unfeeling. Yes one of four was selected within the rules of our system.
    Yes many people are offended by the outcome. Yes many people are elated at the outcome. Most importantly, yes we as christians, have allowed the P.C. Correct politicians to reduce the involvement of God in our politics and life. But yes men and women can change. My prayer is that the winner will become humbled, will realize the importance of his new position and change, with God’s grace and support.

    1. I agree. My prayer is that all of those who said that they would pray for our President, no matter the outcome, fulfill that promise!! Thanks for reading, for praying, and for speaking your opinions with kindness!!

  3. A Japanese friend of mine said a few years back that Americans are for sale to the highest bidder. As a result of the latest presidential election I think he might have been wiser than I thought at the time.
    I suspect South Africa might be ahead again as far as s-elections go?

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