Sign Language…the charismatic movement disguised.

ON SCL, Jon Acuff mentioned “sign language” in one his posts. It sparked my thinking….here’s where my brain went:

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, you’ve probably heard about those “crazy charismatics”. They put on their dancing shoes and storm the gates of hell with their jumping, spinning and fist pumps. We laugh at them, we point and whisper about how funny they look as they do interpretive dance in the slow songs. Oh, silly charismatics.

I find it strange though that no one seems to point and whisper at the Baptists, Methodists and Church of Christ people who throw their kids into “sign language worship”. Especially when they have no one who is deaf in their congregation. Their children are not fluent in sign language either, they just throw them up there and make them go with it. It would be like singing our worship music in Spanish when our congregation is 100% American. The only acceptable time to throw out a spanish praise song is when our Mexico missionaries visit home. (As if they don’t hear enough Spanish worship on the field). We like to impress them with our Americanized Spanish accents.

Anyway, back to sign language. I have a feeling that a Baptist might grab this idea and run with it for a message if one reads it. (I can say that about Baptists though…considering I grew up Baptist. Only the Baptist can insult the Baptists.) Anyway, sign language is the Charismatic movement in disguise! WATCH OUT…it’s dancing, coming in the form of sympathy on the deaf people. Except..we don’t have any. And if we have one visit, what makes us think that our “half sign language/half dance” rendition of “How Great is Our God” is going to convert them instantly?

Please know, I’m all for dancing and charismatics. I am also 50% charismatic, so it’s okay for me to make fun of them too… I get poking fun rights at both Baptists and Charismatics because I am part of both. I also dance in church (gasp)…Nevertheless, I can’t believe a hell-fire preacher hasn’t picked up on “the enemy sneaking in the back door.”

Sign language? No.
An excuse for reserved people to “dance” in church? Yes. That sounds a bit more accurate.

Disclaimer: This is not written to offend Baptists, Charismatics or the hearing impaired. Merely to only “poke fun” at how crazy our church ideas can become. 😉

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