2010= “The Year of Breakthrough”

It’s safe to say that I heard from 700 different people at the beginning of the year of 2010 that it was going to be the year of “breakthrough”. I’m just going to throw this out there….I spent 90% of the year NOT believing it. I think if I had to describe the majority of 2010 this is what I would say:

*difficult, heartbreaking, hole digging, wallowing, awful….

I remember thinking to myself about halfway through the year that someone SERIOUSLY must’ve missed God when it came to this year, because the LAST thing I was seeing was breakthrough.

BUT coming into the end of November/December, I have seen unimaginable amounts of breakthrough in my own life! I can’t even begin to describe all that has been accomplished over the past month. Decisions have been made, past situations have been let go of…and thank God.. Jesus broke through! So, I can officially say…2010 will end as a breakthrough year.

I am ready for 2011. I will not be the least bit sad to see 2010 g0. It was a hard year. A lot of things happened…my beautiful cousin got engaged! friendships began, friendships ended, babies were born, loved ones passed away, people have hurt, people have healed, new chapters have begun, old chapters finally came to their end, i became more independent…and i became much more dependent, spiritual retreats and growth happened, seasons of apathy came, good won, love won, evil seemed to win, but it didn’t, narnia came out…which in itself was breakthrough for my life… and God helped me through it all… it was a growing year in so many ways.

I am so ready to see what the next year holds. I’ve learned so much in 2010, probably more than I would’ve ever imagined or more than I would’ve ever thought I’d learn in one year. I think 2011 is going to be some reaping for what was sown in 2010. I am excited to see what God has up his sleeve. I know this much: at the beginning, there will be an awesome conference that i’m soo excited about AND i will start a new season in my life…come June, there will be a beautiful summer wedding… and I will become another year older and hopefully another year wiser.

Welcome 2011…I’ve been waiting for you for quite some time now..

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