Bazaar First Impressions.

The past week has held the most bazaar first impressions for me. I think it’s important to consider the first words you say to someone, they could make or break how that person views you.

The first is the least bazaar. A guy, walking across campus proceeds to yell at me “why aren’t you waving at me?” Apparently it’s completely unheard of not to wave to someone you’ve never met. Can’t imagine what my facial expression was.

Then, there was the sweet, precious lady who stood in front of me for five minutes saying. “oh my goodness, you are just the cutest thing. Oh, is she not the most adorable thing? She is! She is!” Obviously, this one was my favorite… I wanted to go home with her and live with such encouragement forever.

Ah, then there was the hilarious one. Imagine this: I’m at school, speaking to a friend from a class, when a guy  whom I have never met chose his first words to me to be: “would you like to ride my unicycle?” as he pulled out a full blown unicycle from behind his back. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted and wanted to die laughing. I nicely declined and said I didn’t think I possessed such talent.

Then there was today, the most bazaar of all. I’m in a quaint diner in my small town with my precious grandmother and I met a man whose first words to me were, “I was in love with your mother.” It goes without saying that…He wins. Way to make an impression, sir…truly.

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