West Virginia Mountain Mama…

Today at Loflin’s…I began longing for adventure. It’s not hard to imagine considering that Loflin’s is the prime spot for the elderly of our little town. I was with my amazing friend Beth and I knew that she would be up for it. After debating for quite a while about what to do (it’s a good thing I wasn’t being too adventurous or we might have ended up in the ghetto with a fog horn…) we ended up driving to hanging rock.

We hiked down to one of the falls, almost froze under the water, I got to hear Beth scream several times, and then she got me lost in the woods where I said things that would probably not make Mama proud.

I should mention that the majority of our trip consisted of listening to John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. Oh and I can’t forget Beth BELTING “Goodbye Earl” when I was on the verge of death from exhaustion.

Enjoy this picture of us. We decided we look much better from 40 feet away…behind a waterfall. 😉

Memorable quotes from the day:
Me: “Why did you name your GPS Martha?”
Beth: “People named Martha just pull that kind of crap!”

“Did I just run over a human lobster whale?”

Beth: “I’m afraid to turn right on red in front of cops?”
Me: “Why?”
Beth: “Haven’t you read any Nancy Drew Novels?”
Me: “What does that have to do with anything!?”
Beth: “It’s late.. oh, well..it’s 9:30!”

“You just gotta keep on walkin’ Sweetheart”

Me: “I used to hate it that my parents didn’t make us do outdoor stuff like hiking…now I realize…they’re good people!”

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