The Bad Samaritan.

I was running late to church today. That sentence shouldn’t surprise anyone though, because if you know me then you know I’m pretty much late to everything. Anyway, there I was getting on the highway and of course, there is someone going like 20 mph on the acceleration ramp. Like the bad Samaritan I was, I was obviously riding his bumper…then I noticed something.

He had a big ole bumper sticker about Jesus saving him.

I immediately felt guilty. Why is that? If there would’ve been no bumper sticker, I would’ve ridden his tail until he either got a move on or until I got enough satisfaction; however, the big red and white sticker made me feel like a horrible person. Then I got angry at him for making me feel guilty…screwed up, right?

I came to these conclusions. One of them is most likely true, if not all…

a) he’s probably old and just trying to be cautious

b) he’s probably on his way to church and just enjoying a leisurely Sunday drive

c) he’s probably a GENIUS who realized that no one can ride an old man’s tail especially if there’s a bumper sticker about the savior of the world.

d) or he was just slow…not on his way to church..and a hypocrite who just likes to tick people off!

(I was just kidding about that last one…..)

So, then it reminded me of the man I saw standing on the side of the road the other day. He was holding a cardboard sign that said “IN NEED OF A RICH WIFE.” Obviously, I laughed out loud both times I drove by him..and he loved that I was amused. I saw many people give him money…which I thought was really interesting. People are super skeptical about giving  money to the people who say “HOMELESS, HELP ME..” but let someone hold up a humorous sign and the Samaritans pull their camels over and decide to help out.  Seriously, if I would have had any cash, I have no doubt I would’ve given it to him.. I appreciated his humor and semi-appalling honesty.

Now… let me relate my thoughts between those. I doubt this is the first time this old man driving has encountered someone who felt the strong desire to ride his tail. I just think he would be better off to put a bumper sticker that says “I’M SLOW, BUT I LOVE JESUS…” I would’ve been much more likely to back off and laugh and think to myself “What a gem he is!”  Of course not though, it had to be some super spiritual bumper sticker…….then, I was just ill about the whole thing and then felt guilty.  So rather than only  being wrong and riding his tail, I did all of the above and  got angry and thought about how much I hate bumper stickers. It was an entirely unproductive cycle that was just pointless.  I guess that today I will just have to accept that I was the bad Samaritan and hope that I do better tomorrow…

One thought on “The Bad Samaritan.”

  1. I love your honesty!!! I really hope I see this guy with the sign. I could use a good laugh. On the other hand, I hope I don’t get behind this slow old dude on the way to work or school… Also, wish there was a speed minimum sign EVERYWHERE.. lol.. ❤ you!

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