Here’s My Book of the Week…(Maybe the year!)

An excerpt from a book I just finished. It was called “Never the Bride” by Cheryl McKay and Rene Gutteridge. It’s going to be a movie and let me just say…I will be it’s number one fan! This was an incredible book that I’m going to recommend to any girl I meet, seriously.

“I stare out the window as the world passes by in a blur. It seems surreal, yet it’s like a puzzle coming together. All this time I doubted Him, doubted His love for me, doubted that He had my best interest at heart. Doubt almost wrecked it all for me. Why couldn’t I have just believed, right from the start? He did nothing but show me love.
I feel wretched and humiliated by my humanness, except that that seems to be exactly what He liked about me. He knew everything about me, except He always seemed surprised by and in wonder at the very thing He created.”


Incredible, right? Anyway…go out and buy this book and read it! It will change your life!

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