The Day of Small Things

Today, I decided to paint. I wasn’t really sure what came over me, but while standing in the dollar store, I spotted some paint and I just said, “why not?” I started out painting something that means a lot to me. The tree with the word Life next to it.

It started in statistics class. For some unknown and random reason, I began drawing this…every. single. day. I didn’t know why, but I just kept doing it. About two months ago, I was sitting in a conference at church and I looked over at my sister doodling. Without hesitation I gasped out loud at what I saw. She drew EXACTLY the same thing I’d been drawing for weeks! I immediately brought her home that night and showed her my math notebook. We were in awe. There’s something significant about this picture to me and even though I’m not completely sure what it means, there’s a reason why it seems to pop up.

The second picture is my favorite. The page in the middle simply says, “I pray for a vision & a way I cannot see…it’s too heavy to carry and impossible to leave.” Once again, it’s lyrics from Sara Groves. Her lyrics hit me constantly and carry so much weight with them. I really just liked the way this one turned out, I didn’t premeditate it at all, I just went with the flow while listening to some worship music. I am super excited about it.

The last was completely random and came out totally different than when I started. It doesn’t really have a significance to me, it was just kind of the result of turning on the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack and going with the flow.

Today, I used oranges, reds and yellows…maybe tomorrow I’ll use the opposite end of the color wheel. I’m enjoying this retreat I’m on. I don’t know when it became one, but it did. I’ve just been in my room for two days expressing all the emotion inside of me. Everyone knows that the Lord has been doing something CRAZY with my emotions (and i’m loving it!) so this has been a great way to release and just express what’s going on.

So today was a day of small things. I’m clearly no Monet and probably not even the equivalent of a 5th grade art student, but for me…it was time well spent with the one I have fallen in love with.

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