“It’s the little things, you know?”

My best friend and I have a saying, “it’s the little things, you know?” It’s from one of our favorite movies and we laugh every time we quote it. This past week though, it’s not only been repeated to me by people all around me, but has been being whispered in my heart.

Not unlike my usual self, I was totally not paying attention to it. I just woke up with it in my mind and credited it to lack of sleep or receiving a funny text from my best friend.

Still though, it continued to be spoken in hushed tones in the depths of my heart. “It’s the little things.”

Reading through an old journal entry tonight I was surprised at how it was compiled of the most random and small details, ones that no one else would care about, but at that moment, they must’ve brought me to life. Grand occurrences matter, huge things that happen are easily remembered and very appreciated. Yet, for me it’s often the seemingly insignificant things that truly capture my heart.

My relationship with the Lord is very much a picture of this. He’s done huge things for me, no doubt, and for those I am eternally grateful. Yet, my favorite things about our relationship are the little moments of affection. The moment when I catch the sun setting at just the right place, when the perfect song plays at a dramatic part of a movie, when my Dad brings home shock tarts just because He thought about it. The moment when I’m taking a picture and I catch myself smiling behind the lens of my camera, the small smiles of people I love and the fleeting moments that I photograph in my mind. My favorite memories are not the firework moments, but rather the long walk home, the flight to a new adventure, the quiet stillness next to a stream in the desert, the few times I’ve heard Jesus say “I knew all along.”

I want to look for the little miracles. The little moments that I often pass off as coincidence or random. I want to gloriously bask in the days of small things, knowing that it will make me even more thankful when the big things do come.

Here’s to knowing it’s the little things that count…the things I can’t explain, the moments I can’t seem to put into words and the people that usher those scenes into my life. May I see them all for the divine notes of affection that they are.

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