These two people, although they might be sisters and best friends…are complete opposites.

We have Ashlin: the dark headed, dark eyed, fiesty, sassy, writer who played baseball, was a cheerleader and is a walking book of contradictions. The kid who once drank a cup of pure white vinegar on a dare, who used to make prank “Betty from Bojangles” phone calls who avoided the color pink like the plague and watched Bill O’reilly in Elementary school.

Then we have Jordan: the blonde hair, blue eyed, peaceful, loving, honest one who once mistook her grandmother’s hair for a bag, rescued a puppy from starvation, stayed up all night mothering every child we ever baby sat, always ate her vegetables and was the only sibling not afraid when the two encountered a wild bear.

Opposites and yet I’d be lost without her. We may shake our heads at each other, have completely different tastes in most things, and look completely different…but no one laughs together like we do, no one has more adventurous stories and we can completely share the same weird thoughts and laugh from across the room.

I love you Jords!

One thought on “Opposites”

  1. Good thing we have different taste in guys too!! hahaha it comes in handy!

    you- dark haired, dark eyed, hilarious, must love your indie music peeps.

    me-tall, light haired, blue eyed, plays guitar, and is sappy.

    we are too much!

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