Pursuing Dreams (The Right Way)

It’s my 100th blog post and with that, I’m going on a rant. It’s a soap box in which I am determined to stand on because we’re making people’s passions and gifts from God comparable to McDonald’s when really there people who can give filet mignon.

I have to start with photography. I start with it because it’s one of my passions, but also because even if I hated it, I am so sick of watching the world butcher the beautiful art that it is. It amazes me how instagram now makes everyone a photographer. I think it boils my blood more than seeing “mirror pics” still existing in the social networking world. Give someone an iphone and they will think they are the next Ansel Adams. Also, I love the endless albums on facebook that are pictures taken with $80 digital cameras and edited using that crappy software that comes pre-installed on your computer. Set the contrast to 90 and well, there you have it, modern day photography. Ha! Forget the fact that real photographers spend thousands of dollars on equipment and photoshop, no..you can do just the same with your little kodak and google picasa. Never mind that there are people who spend hours upon hours of layering and editing, no, it’s just as awesome to spend 90 seconds on your cool mirror pic. Forgive me if you’re insulted, but I just speak what is truth.

Next, let’s talking about writing. On Anderson, there was a guest who had made nearly two million dollars for self-publishing e-books on amazon. Let me say, I am proud of her. She was rejected, but she pursued her dream for years with endless hours and dedication! I am truly an advocate for self-publishing and I’ll tell you why. Publishing companies are ridiculous, they turn down a person not because of their lack of talent or gifting, but because they’re not a “well-known author”. Publishers have seen many days they’ve regretted in the last few decades. There isn’t a famous writer anywhere who won’t tell you they were rejected a hundred times and accepted once. Anyway, I say “GO” to the person who is self-publishing, who has spent hours upon hours toiling and plowing the ground for a book. Nonetheless, with how easy self-publishing is, any Joe Dirt down the street can publish something. My favorite are the people who are in some kind of semi church leadership who think that because they’ve been promoted to vice head assistant preacher now are qualified to write a book. It makes people with a passion for writing cringe to see sub-par work floating around the internet. If you want to write a book, good for you, I advise it. I just want to say, do the research, learn the English language and learn the craft.

“I’m in a band.” Although this craze has died down since the 90’s, you still hear of everyone (and their brother) being in a band. Youtube has opened up opportunities for many people, but it has also opened up a can of worms. Everyone is going to be the “next big thing” with their cheap guitar and taylor swift wannabe lyrics about their bad break-ups and moments of romantic bliss. I’m not a musician, but I can imagine what people feel like who spend hours learning their instrument, hours practicing and have the callouses to prove it.

I’m not saying you can’t be passionate, I’m saying take time to learn whatever that passion is. Spend hours learning about the equipment, practicing your instrument, learning the trade. Save your money and buy instruments, cameras and how-to books that are actually of value. One of the amazing things about people who have made it to the top is their struggle to get there and the years of work and the endless rejections and obstacles in their way. Let’s not make everything meaningless. Let’s not clutter the world with McDonald’s when we could step back and let them experience filet mignon. Pursue your dreams, but work hard at them. Learn from those who are better than you, desire to know more so that you can give more! There may be a few years where it all feels meaningless and slow, but that’s process and that’s a step to succeeding.

To quote one of my favorite authors, Jon Acuff,

“Sometimes God gives the gift of invisibility so you get good at the thing he has for you before world watches. Accept it.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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