A Day Before Him.

If I had to describe my day in two words it would be: mostly silent. I spent several hours painting today. Now, I’m not going to lie, I paint like a four year old. And I’m not being humble. I really sincerely cannot draw or paint to save my life, but I continue to do it because it brings me this unbelievable amount of joy. I never finish and think “Oh, this is impressive.” If anything, I think “Oh gosh, how did I pass first grade?” Then I remember it was because my best friend helped me color in green puppy dogs because it took me until I was about fifteen to learn to color “in the lines”. I’m still the worlds worst colorer. None the less, whenever I finish a project I am always pleased and always think “time well spent”, even if it is the ugliest thing on earth (and normally it is pretty close).

So today, after hours and hours of painting, I decided to combine two things in one. These paintings and my mad skills (they’re not all that mad, but they’re decent) of photoshop. This creation was inspired by one of my new favorite things, The Hunger Games. There’s a quote in the book that just immediately stole my heart as soon as I read it. Although it’s about the main characters dad, it makes me think of God. It makes me think of his majesty and beauty. It makes me think of how creation is often rampaged by his glory and beauty.

So, here it is..one of the final products. I laugh because the actual painting is sincerely the saddest looking thing you’ve ever seen.. but I still enjoyed my time with Jesus today. It’s fun just to get splattered with color and meditate on his beauty.

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