At Just The Right Time.

Forgive my absence. It’s not that I don’t think about this blog often, I just haven’t had much to say lately. Today, that changes. Here’s a peek at my life and what God is doing.

Never before has a week held more clarity and yet been filled with things I can’t even begin to understand. I am learning that God is a full circle kind of guy. I’m amazed at how every little thing intertwines and I find myself in the midst of this beautiful web of glory and mystery. Whether it is hours spent in preparation for things to come, a life giving conversation, dreams restored, hair-spraying chalk signs in preparation for an exciting event or a moment of silence as I stare at a cloudless sunset; I sit in awe. I’m seeing that this is a season of harvest and also one of planting. While I am gathering the fruit of some long awaited things, I am also seeing that it’s time to replace and re-plant. I love that. I love the beauty that comes with growing and dreaming up new things. God loves it when we are willing to get our hands dirty in the Kingdom’s garden. My favorite days as a child were the spring ones when I would come home from school and Mom and Dad would be sitting on the porch surrounded by plants and seeds. As they let me plant them in the ground and stood back and watched proudly, I could not shake the joy that penetrated even the deepest parts of me. I waited anxiously to see all that they would grow to be. Every year, I was rendered breathless at the sight before me. From my very hands came something beyond what I was capable to create. It’s beautiful when God lets us cultivate something bigger than ourselves. How he beams with pride as we place his masterpieces in the ground and wait for them to come to life. I laugh because I realize at the impossibility of it all and yet, that’s what enchants me the most. The moments when I see my weakness and I watch him step in with His glory! I can cultivate something from a seed, but HE created the seed. He produced something from nothing. He took impossible to possible and through it I can birth something life giving. It’s a beautiful, messy, incredibly inspiring process.


As I wait to taste of this harvest season, I anxiously await the opportunity to place more things in the ground. Sowing is an exhausting process, one of sweat and tears. But now, being reminded of what it produces and holding it in my hands, I am grateful for the process. His timing is perfect, producing the best and most ripe harvest. Never too early and not once late, He always pulls things up at just the right time when their taste is most invigorating. Just at the right time– as we begin to see our barns and barrels empty out, we see him come in from the fields. We breathe a sigh of relief as he informs us with His enthused smile that the harvest has once again arrived. Never having run out, we find ourselves surprised and yet comfortingly confirmed that He is who He has always said He is. He is the God who provides and withholds no good thing. He is beyond what we hoped for and He has come through in ways we couldn’t see in former seasons. He is the God of the harvest, the God of the planting and the God who loves process. And it is all good. He is all good.

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