To Know & Be Known.

Memories are one of my favorite parts of a relationship. There is nothing like sitting down with an old friend and talking about good times that you’ve had. You get the chance to relive the emotion of something and it’s like instantly you can taste those moments. It brings life to my soul when I can recall such things. Sometimes those things even come with a new perspective and are perhaps more amusing or precious than before. I just wanted to let you guys in on my exact thoughts right now and the memories I’m experiencing

I remember that day leaving the airport to drop Jordan off for Haiti. That sunrise was seriously the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The way you spoke tenderly to me and assured me of your love. It was the day I knew one hundred percent that you are fully committed to me. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt such love, you restored the joy of my salvation and in those moments you imparted a willingness to sustain it.

Remember that night in Netanya on the balcony? That sea air was filling my lungs and I remember thinking I could just sit in that one place for the rest of my life and gaze on the incredible work of your hands. I felt you in a way I never had, I knew you in that moment as my closest friend, as my greatest confidant. I knew I could trust you.

I also remember that day when I was about six and we were on the front porch. I just kept singing about how you were the one who created it all.. you were the one I loved. I didn’t even fully comprehend it, but I knew it..deep in my gut, I knew there was a distinguishable difference between you and everything else I’d ever known or would ever know.

Remember the time hiking up that mountain in mid June? The time you taught me the consequences of getting distracted. You taught me how to listen, you taught me how to walk carefully. I remember the thrill of adventure and also the quiet peace that you gave that made me feel safe. I knew that your hand would not leave me. I knew that you were my safety, my guard.

Each of these memories brings me to a place of laughter and tears. Times over the years when I’ve experienced something that stuck with me, that engraved itself upon my heart, a memory of my first love.. of my sweet Jesus. There hasn’t been a dull moment. There hasn’t been one thing I’ve walked through that He hasn’t assured me of his goodness, taught me about His character and filled my heart with love that is truly indescribable.

Reflecting on your walk with Him, the times that He’s shown you bits and pieces of himself that made Him so real, so tangible, so close is extremely important. Let Him remind you of how He is not a distant God who just “watches over you” but He is the God who walks next to you, rolls in the mud, runs in the fields, sings in the shower, dances and rejoices, sits with you in your silence. May I always see how He joins in on every step of the journey; may I never cease to realize the breathtaking, beautiful privilege it is to know Him & be known by Him.


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