The Ropes Holdin’ You Down.

It isn’t always true, but sometimes… it’s okay to change your mind.

Nobody expects you to always get it right. You’re human and you’re going to make some choices you shouldn’t have. Sometimes you’ll paint half of the room lilac, only to realize you’d rather it be a honey yellow. Maybe you’ll put in The Notebook, to discover that today you really need to watch Lord of The Rings. Once in a while you’ll start getting ready to go out for the night and then decide to pull on your flannel pajamas and read a book instead.

‘Cause you know what? You’re only stuck if you choose to be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, when you make a promise; you keep it. You make a vow? You dig your heels in and stay for the long haul.

But when it comes to those other things, the things that you still have a choice about, the only ropes holdin’ you down are the ones of your own guilt, fear, and shame.

Maybe you messed up; maybe you made the wrong choice. You moved too soon, you said something you shouldn’t have. Well, you can change your mind. And you don’t have to feel bad about it. Because you’re human and no one expects you to be perfect, except for sometimes maybe you.

What matters then, are the choices you make that follow.

If you messed up.. apologize.
If you lied.. tell the truth.
If you said yes, when you should have said no.. choose to change your mind.

Scary, isn’t it? Changing your mind. But what will be scarier is when you wake up a few years from now so desperately wishing that you had turned around on that road a lot sooner; ’cause then you wouldn’t have to walk so far to get back to that place where you’re supposed to be.

See, those ropes holdin’ you down? The ones of fearshame, the one that is labeled it’s too late to go back now. Those are far easier to untangle now than they will be in a year from now or ten years from now. It’s time to cut those ties; to say i’m sorry, to admit that you want something different out of life than what you previously thought.

But if those ropes holdin’ you down are sealed with a lifelong promise… then baby, spit these words out of your mouth because you’ve got a promise to keep and you’ve got integrity to uphold. So recognize that the covenants you made; those are the ones that you can learn to see as an anchor in the storm, not as your bondage from freedom.

But in those places where you need to break free; the ones where you made a choice based off of emotion, exhaustion or from pressure… those are not for you. So let them go and go find the anchors you need in your life; the ones that complete your wandering ship and steady the sails that will guide your greatest adventures. ‘Cause when you find the right anchor, it won’t always be so hard to stay.


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