These Human Hearts

In a society where everyone gets a ribbon and we are all winners, I think someone should say it:

you are not entitled to every single thing you want.

Especially not human beings. You don’t own them, create them or get to hand pick the ones that you think should stick around.

The fragile hearts, weighty dreams, spreads of freckles and wavy brown hair of another aren’t something you can possess. You can’t just swipe a card or sign on the dotted line and walk home with their heart in your hands.

I don’t care how wealthy, beautiful, handsome, smart, talented or powerful you are.

There are some things that just don’t belong to you.

People make their own choices. Your selfish demands on them are not a requirement on their life. If they choose to let you hold any part of them; it is because of their selflessness toward you. Not because you deserve it or because it’s your right.

When it comes to the heart of another living, breathing, incredible, stunning creature; you get what you are givenAnd even if it doesn’t feel like enough sometimes; every little strand of them is a gift. 

Because this world doesn’t owe you anything. Those people were made to breathe without you. Maybe sometimes they forget that too; but you need to understand that they can make it without you.

If a person gives you even the tiniest molecule of themselves, it should weaken your knees and rattle your bones. It should knock the wind out of you. The sight of another soul standing in front of you, offering you any part of them, should give the sunsets and mountaintop views a run for their money.

Be grateful with what you are given from another. Even when it seems like a crumb, a fraction, a tiny speck; even if your own heart desires more of them, know that you are blessed to have been offered even that smallest piece. And if you tuck it away, respect it and realize its value… you will be given more.

Because the ones who are handed entire hearts are the ones who know how to love all the tiny and broken fragments they’ve stumbled across. They’re also the ones who have offered bits of their heart and had it wrecked and ruined. They know you can’t ask more of a person than they are able to give. They are the ones who have over and over again have been brought to their knees by the redeeming force that is unconditional love.

Their anthem is this:
“I love you,
I love you
and all of your pieces.”heart

All of the pieces given to these kinds of people are just as stunning, just as precious, just as worthy as the whole. They see that people are mighty and breathtaking. That every piece of a heart they are granted with is just as wondrous as the one before.

Give graciously and be grateful for what you’re given. The heart is one of the most valuable things we can give to one another.

If you hold any part of another… you live in the grandest luxury. These human hearts have a high value.

And we know this to be true, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much..” (Luke 16:10)

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