Today’s Writing…

You want to know what I’ve been thinking about today? Writing has lost it’s edge. No one writes the hard to swallow stuff anymore, nope…we want everything to be palatable. We want everyone to read it and be “happy” … Sometimes, I love watching a good movie that ends realistically. In fact, I read a book the other day that for the first time in probably 8 or 9 years that had a REALISTIC ending. It was incredible. I think our writing (especially Christian writing) has lost some truth. Sometimes things don’t end the way we want, sometimes (most times) God’s plans aren’t close to our own. Are His better? YES…different, YES! Why do we feel the need to make endings sound the way WE would want? Better than that, why do we want our non-fiction writing to have no conviction or nothing that provokes us to change? That’s one thing I LOVE about the parables in the New Testament, they were designed to SHOCK people and to change them into doing something. They were stories that were designed to make someone stop and say..”wait a minute..” I love writing like that.
Hope you’re all well.

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