Inspiration From My Journey..

Out of nowhere I felt artsy and inspired last night. I ended up doing two things and one of them I was super impressed by. Here are a few pictures and an explanation of what I did with my Thursday night.

My first project was one that kind of hit me out of nowhere. I was walking past a table in our house and an empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottle was sitting there. I immediately wanted to do something creative with it. I took it and began to brainstorm. I found a few things we had lying around the house, some potpourri, a few stones and a few old coins. For the papers inside, I coffee stained them and then decided to write out encouraging words I’ve received from people through the years. I went through some old journals, emails, etc. and wrote them down. Last, I found an old coffee & cream candle lying around that fit perfectly on top, without crushing the papers. I was oddly satisfied with the final product. It’s something I will keep for many years and look back on the encouraging/loving words people have spoken to me. This little glass bottle contains words of life and a reminder of where I’ve been & where I am going.


This is from my second project. It took me forever to complete and truthfully, I will probably add more later. In all honesty, the final product didn’t come out as I first envisioned, but I  like it. Anyway, I can’t show you the whole project for personal reasons, but mostly, it’s just a collage of many things. It’s quotes, lyrics, verses that mean a lot to me. It has pictures from trips I’ve been on, cool things I found along the way and other things that help define the journey that I am on. It’s kind of a tribute to my journey with Jesus thus far. Therefore, to me, it’s beautiful. The picture shows a line I really liked from a Sara Groves song and I decided to add it to the collage. (It made for a pretty cool picture as well). This project turned out to be pretty therapeutic and beneficial for me. I encourage you to put something together like this that means something to you and that shows the journey you’ve been on.

Just thought this would be a cool update for you guys. A lot is changing and so I wanted to kind of capture my life as it is now and what it has been for the past few years. It was a good way to find closure to certain things, but also to excite me about what’s ahead. I jammed out to John Mark McMillan while doing this, so you can imagine that made the entire experience better. It was without a doubt a time of worship and thanksgiving for Jesus and for who He is and continues to be in my life. Take some time to let the creativity God has placed in you come out, let it be a time of worship to Him and a time that shows him how much you’re enjoying the path he’s leading you down.

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